This website was originally designed to present the results of my research into An Account of Denmark as it was in the year 1692. I had discovered that its author Robert Molesworth  (1656-1725), was very unlike the myths that have been spread about him. He was a multi-faceted character with an unusual background and many surprising enthusiasms, ideas and interests.

“He had a violent temper, but he had also great charm and few who knew him well failed to respond to it . . . no one who had known him could thereafter ignore politics.”


Some years ago, without warning, the originals of these pages were sent to that great disk-drive in the sky; since then I have received requests for them to be resurrected. This then is the result and it is very much a work in progress. I am in the process of updating it with not just the (revised) results of my thesis, but also with material I have developed since. I also hope that it will become a home for anything that is relevant to understanding this book and its author.


Hugh Mayo,

BA(Econ Studs) MA (Newc), PhD (Odense)

AFIAP, ASDF – For photographs see Photohaps


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