A Chronology

Robert Molesworth(1656-1725)

Dates (OS)

Events relevant to
Molesworth’s Life

Other Events

Death of Robert Molesworth (father) (3rd),  Robert Molesworth born (7th), Fishamble St. Dublin (Sept-Nov) Publication of Harrington’s The
Commonwealth of Oceana
Charles II’s Restoration – entry into London
1662 Birth of half-brother Henry Tichborne (ie mother Judith now married to Sir William Tichborne)
Start of Great Fire of London
– 1670-09
Arthur Capel Earl of Essex Amb. Ext. to Denmark
1671-08-04 Viscount Ranelagh’s ‘undertaking’ to manage
Irish revenues of the crown
Arthur Capel Earl of Essex Lord Lt. of Ireland
Entered Trinity Coll as Fellow Commoner
BA Trinity College, Dublin; Lincoln’s Inn,
1676-08-16 Marriage to the Hon Letitia Coote
1677-08-24 Duke of Ormond sworn in as Lord Lieutenant
William of Orange m. Princess Mary
Charles Coote, Lord Mountrath m. Isabella
1680-01-28 Death of Chief Baron John Bysse
1680-06-30 Death of Thomas Butler, Earl of Ossory, (aged 46)
Discovery of Rye House Plot to kill Charles II
1683-07 Death of Earl of Essex in the Tower (13th); marriage of Henry Tichborne to Arabella Cotton (28th) Princess Anne m. Prince George (Jørgen) (28th)
1683-12-07 Execution of Algernon Sidney
1684-01 Molyneux establishes Dublin Philosophical
1684-1688 Annual “voyages into forreign countreys.
allwayes takeing Holland in my way.”
1685-01-28 Death of Richard Butler, Earl of Arran, (aged 45)
Death of Charles II, succ. by James II
1685-03-20 Ormond leaves Ireland, no longer Ld. Lt
Defeat of Duke of Monmouth at Sedgemoor
1685-10-08 Revocation of Edict of Nantes
1686-01-09 2nd Earl of Clarendon sworn in as Ld. Lt.
1686-06-05 Tyrconnell appointed to comand army in Ireland
1687 Col. Ld. Coote serving as capt of horse in Dutch army
1687-02-06 Tyrconnell sworn in as Ld Deputy in Dublin
1688-03-29 Col. Ld. Coote appointed treasurer and receiver-general to Princess Mary of
Birth of son to James II – Old Pretender (10th), Acquittal of the 7 Bishops & Invitation to William (30th)
William lands at Torbay (5th)
James II flees to France; (11th, 23rd)
William and Mary King & Queen
James II lands in Ireland
Molesworth attainted by Dublin parliament (7th); Sequestrated estate £2,825 pa Treaty of Vienna – The Grand Alliance (2nd), England declares war on France (7th)
  1689-06 Credentials dated (6th), 1st Instructions dated (6th), 2nd Instructions dated (19th), Treaty of Altona signed (20th)
Arrives in Denmark (7th) Breaking of boom on River Foyle and relief of Londonderry (28th)
Agreement reached on treaty to hire Danish
troops (15th)
Marshal Schomberg lands in Bangor Bay (13th), Carrickfergus Surrenders (28th)
1689-09-04 William III ratifies treaty to hire Danish troops
1689-11-06 Last troops set sail (arr. in Humber instead of Leith)
The Danish Force lands in Ireland
1690-05 First mention of Colonel Scot in correspondence,  (last mention 1691-05)
Arrival of Amerongen in Copenhagen (4th),
defeat of Anglo-Dutch fleet at Beachy Head
William lands nr Carrickfergus (14th)
Battle of the Boyne (1st), William enters Dublin (6th)
1690-09-03 Joined by family in Copenhagen
1691-09-29 Death of Amerongen
1692-05-23 French fleet defeated at La Hogue
Departure from Denmark
1692 Publication by Anthony Dopping, bp of Meath of Modus tenendi parliamenta in Hibernia (Dublin) Publication of John Locke’s Some Thoughts concerning Education.
  1693-12-15 First publication of An Account of  Denmark as it was in the year 1692. (13 editions published before 1700; 22 editions published by 1752)
1695 – 1699 MP[I] for Dublin
1695 – 1698 MP for Camelford
1697- 1713-01 Privy Councillor [I]
Fellow of the Royal Society
1698-04 Publication of William Molyneux’s The case of Ireland’s being bound by acts of parliament in England stated (Dublin)
1702-03-08 Death of William III, succ. by Anne
1703 – 1705 MP[I] for Swords
1705- 1706-01 MP for Lostwithiel
1706-01- 1708 MP for East Retford
  1711 Preface to translation of Francis Hotoman’s Franco-Gallia, first published without the preface but reissued with the preface in 1721. The preface was later published as The Principles of a Real Whig
1714-08-01 Death of Anne, succ. by George I
1714 – 1716 Commissioner for Trade and Plantations
Privy Councillor [I]
1715 – 1722 MP for Mitchell
1716-07-16 Created Lord Molesworth, Baron of Phillipstown in King’s County and Viscount Molesworth of Swords, County Dublin.
1716 Preface to his daughter, the Hon M Monck’s
Marinda, Poems and Translations Upon Several Occasions
1717 A Short Narrative of the Life and Death of John Rhinholdt Count Patkul.
1721 Publication of Letters from the Right Honourable the Late Earl of Shaftesbury, to Robert Molesworth, Esq; Now the Lord Viscount of that Name. Edited and with introduction by John Toland
1721- 1722 Commissioner in the Enquiry into the South Sea Bubble
1722 Toland’s final illness and death (March 11th); prospect of Molesworth standing as MP for Westminster.
1722 – 1723 Correspondence with Glasgow University
students and others Scottish admirers: William Stuart, George Turnbull, William Wishart and James Arbuckle.
1723 Some Considerations for the Promoting of
Agriculture and Employing the Poor
1724 Frances Hutcheson finishes An Inquiry into the Original of our Ideas of Beauty and Virtue. With acknowledgement to Molesworth.
1724-12-03 Swift dedicates the 5th Drapier’s Letter to
Death at Swords, Co Dublin.

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